Does Hardwood Flooring Increase Home Value


Nothing speaks to a quintessential Colorado home quite like hardwood flooring. With the real estate market constantly expanding along the Colorado Front Range, every dollar counts when improving your home to sell. If you are selling your home, there are many things that you can do to keep buyers intrigued and invested, giving you an edge over the competition. One of the best tips to increase the value of your home and get it sold is through hardwood flooring. In fact, The National Wood Flooring Association did a survey among real estate agents, which found that 99% of agents decided homes with hardwood floors are not only easier to sell, but sell for more than homes without.

As a family owned and operated hardwood flooring company in Weld County, we have seen many home improvement trends come and go, but hardwoods are a timeless piece that can take your home from being considered to “SOLD”. Here are the best, most cost-effective hints for installing wood before putting your house on the market.

Ways to Increase Home Value with Hardwood Flooring

Install in High Traffic, Livable areas

When you decide to install hardwood into your home, you must consider the best locations throughout the home to optimize both the value and the efficiency of the flooring. Think of areas that see a lot of traffic and gatherings; areas like the kitchen or evening the living room are perfect places to display beautiful hardwood. In addition to being hubs of the home, these locations are where people prefer hardwood when looking to buy. The kitchen specifically is the ideal location to blend functionality with aesthetic, consider staining the cabinetry in a way that flatters the flooring. These types little touches of sophistication are the perfect way to wow a future buyer.

Prep Ahead of Time

Generally, when people are looking to buy a home they are searching for one that has little to no additional costs associated with it. Required home improvements can be a major drawback for potential buyers. One of the main perks of hardwood flooring is its lifespan. A well taken-care-of floor can easily outlast other, cheaper materials. Plus, hardwood floors always look more sophisticated and luxurious as well. By having hardwood installed or maintaining already installed hardwood before you put the house on the market guarantees you are preemptively alleviating potential buyer worries. Less work for the buyer is something you can easily communicate with a high quality hardwood floor.

Keep It Consistent

As people tour your home, they will be looking for cohesion. This means that your flooring choices, wall colors, and furniture are all factors in their decision to buy or not. Painting walls and staging furniture is easy enough, but the crucial factor that will make or break a sale is floor cohesion. If there are too many types of flooring like carpet, tile, vinyl, and hardwood it will be an eyesore. To guarantee everything comes together for the perfect picturesque tour, maximize the amount of hardwood flooring in the home. A nice, rich wood that is consistent between rooms ties the aesthetic together and pleases the eye. You don’t have to go all out either, keeping carpet in bedrooms is a great way to minimize cost.

What’s the ROI for Installing Hardwood Floors?

Of course hardwood flooring adds sophistication to a home, but does it also add financial value? Are you going to get a return for investing in hardwood floors when you sell your home?

These are all excellent, extremely common questions that come up when people are deciding if hardwood flooring is a good choice for them. As mentioned above, most buyers are looking for little work and high value–in fact, most people prefer hardwood to be preinstalled when home shopping.

The average return on investment for hardwood floors is between 70% – 80%. Likewise, according to, hardwood can increase the home’s value by up to 2.5%. This is likely due to the expectation of hardwood flooring being preinstalled, thus buyers are willing to pay more for the convenience and beauty of the completed flooring

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