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Lead Floor Design is proud to serve Colorado’s front range and beyond as hardwood flooring specialists. Whether its installing new hardwood, refinishing existing floors, repairing old or adding a maintenance finish coat to update, we are here to help enhance your home and give you authentic, quality hardwood.


Lead Floor Design takes pride in each plank of wood we install, refinish, maintain, or repair. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, which is why we ensure the utmost quality in our products, installation, and service. We source all materials from top-notch hardwood suppliers, some of which go back more than 35 years, reflecting our legacy of generational quality. We only use commercial grade stain and finishes; we never ever buy from the local hardware chains. Instead, we use our main supplier that has been  around since the late 1800’s. With every project, we show you the hardwood and stain samples right on your floor to ensure transparency and complete satisfaction. We take pride in quality installation and repairs, as well as regular maintenance cleaning products. For all your hardwood needs, Lead Floor Design is proud to serve you.


Hardwood floors are an exceptional choice for your home due to their natural elegance and durability. As experts of hardwood flooring, it is undoubtedly true that the installation process is just as important as the selection of flooring itself. With our four-generational expertise, we make sure that our flooring is installed correctly the first time. Poorly installed hardwood floors can lead to a lifetime of issues and avoidable damage. Of all our new wood installation, red and white oak hardwood floors are our most popular, though you can select the exact material and stain of your choice. Let us put our years of installation experience to work for your new hardwood floors.


Over time the finish on a hardwood floors can fade from the wear and tear of daily use, especially in high traffic areas. If your floors are losing the shine and luster they had when first installed, it is important to get them refinished. Refinishing is a refresh for your floors that protects from future damage and extends the longevity of the wood. This service is an excellent way to keep older hardwood floors beautiful without replacing them.

Maintenance Finishing Coat

Our maintenance finishing coat is the perfect option for homeowners with pristine hardwood floors that need a little additional care. What this finishing coat does is add protection to the existing flooring by spreading a brand new layer of finish after the previous one is sanded down. Any substantial damage on the hardwood like water, wear, and surface will remain visible after this process, so it is best for well-kept hardwood that needs some additional care. By continuing to protect your flooring with this maintenance coat, you are ensuring its beauty for years to come. This is one of the simplest services you can utilize to keep your hardwood looking brand new even years after installation.


Let your floors continue to serve you even after accidental damage. Damage is inevitable for flooring, but it does not have to ruin a lovely hardwood floor. If you notice deep scratches, substantial marring, or warping, it may be time to consider a repair rather than a refinish. A few months after the initial fix, the freshly repaired area will match the rest of your flooring’s stain. Allow us to help you keep your hardwood floors looking like new with our expert repair service.

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