Three Money Saving Tips for Hardwood Floor Installation


Deciding to update your home with hardwood flooring is a big decision. Hardwood flooring is beautiful, elegant, and can tie a home together aesthetically. However, many homeowners are intimidated by the cost of installation, especially when redoing large areas of their home.

As a fourth generation flooring experts, we at Lead Floor Design pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and quality installation. We want to make sure our customers have all the resources they need to make the best decision for their homes. Today we will be exploring some simple do-it-yourself methods you can use to save when installing hardwood flooring.

DIY Flooring Installation

If you are anything like us, you can’t help trying to DIY all aspects of your home. That said, some home improvement projects do require a professional touch. Installing hardwood flooring is such a large investment, it is better to have profession complete the installation for you. This doesn’t mean that there are no DIY elements to be had. You can save some cost by prepping the area for the professional installation.

  1. If the room you are getting hardwood in has carpet, you can get started early. Before you schedule any installation you can remove your own carpet, carpet pad, tack strip and staples. Always make sure you all of them to avoid any issues later or accidents later.
  2. Regardless of the flooring type, you can remove and replace your trim. Make sure to carefully cut along the top of the trim with a razor so that your paint doesn’t peel when you pull off the trim. Numbering the walls and trim pieces as they correspond to each other will alleviate future confusion. This step is only necessary if you intend to keep the same trim.
  3. For areas with appliances, make sure to remove everything that rests on the flooring areas that are going to be replaced. If redoing the bathroom that means the sink and toilet, if redoing the kitchen that means the refrigerator etc.

All of these preparation options are the perfect way for you to get your hands dirty and save some money st the same time.

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