Holiday Spruce-Up With Hardwood Flooring


Looking to spruce up your home for the holiday’s?  Have your in laws in awe, with new hardwood floors or a fresh coat of finish on those existing floors. This will not only add beautiful luster to the look of your existing flooring but rejuvenate them entirely. Today we are exploring the different service options available during the holidays if your floors need a revitalization.

At Lead Floor Design we’ve been serving Colorado’s Front Range since 2012, and we understand the importance of a holiday spruce to keep hardwood floors looking healthy. We want you to put the same amount of pride in all of your hardwood flooring decisions that we put into our flooring services.

Install New Hardwood Floors

Looking to change up your floors? Hardwood is a great option for people seeking to add longevity and beauty to their home. Not only does it come in a plethora of elegant options like oak or maple, but the color variation is truly something to behold.

Once you find that perfect hardwood match for your home, the only thing you need to do is get it professionally installed. Getting a professional installation will prevent any unnecessary loss of wood, and will save you cost in the end. Plus, the end result will be absolutely gorgeous.

Get a Maintenance Finish Coat

Have you noticed your floors beginning to dull? Do they not look as fresh as when they were first installed? Do you think fondly of the time when the light reflected along the glossy boards? If so, your floors may need a maintenance coat.

A maintenance coat is a simple service that involves removing the previous layer of coating by sanding down to the based wood, and the reapplying a fresh coat. Through this one simple service, you can bring back the beautiful shine that your floors once had.

Refinish Your Hardwood Floors

If your floors have a damaged and dull look to them, it may be time to consider a refinish. A refinish is a process that can refresh the floors like a maintenance coat, but also repair any sort of minor damage that has accumulated over the years. As this is a bit more of an involved process, it is usually reserved for older hardwood flooring.

This service will help well-loved floors that have sustained any sort of scratches and blemishes from everyday occurrences regain their natural beauty. Most flooring needs refinishing at multiple points during its lifetime.

Proudly Serving Colorado’s Front Range | Lead Floor Designs

At Lead Floor Design, our goal is for you to love your hardwood floors as much as we love servicing and installing them. If your flooring needs a little extra care this season, contact us today for all of your service needs. Don’t let the chance to impress for the holidays pass you by!